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KP001 N.K.V.D Vlast Tape 2016

KP002 AUTOKRATOR The Obedience to Authority CD 2016

KP003 N.K.V.D Totalitarian Industrial Oppression CD 2016

KP004 MISERIST Miserist CD 2017

KP005 PAROXSIHZEM Abyss of Excruciating Vexes Tape 2017

KP006 MITOCHONDRION Antinumerology CD 2017

KP007 PAROXSIHZEM Paroxsihzem Tape 2017

KP008 AUROCH From Forgotten Worlds Tape 2017

KP009 DRAWN AND QUARTERED Hail Infernal Darkness LP 2018

KP010 DRAWN AND QUARTERED Feeding Hell's Furnace Tape 2018

KP011 AUTOKRATOR Hammer of the Heretics (Digipack) CD 2018

KP012 PROFANE ORDER Tightened Noose of Sanctimony CD 2018

KP013 THE BLACK SORCERY ...And the Beast Spake Death from Above Tape 2018

KP014 DRAWN AND QUARTERED The One Who Lurks CD 2018

KP015 PULVERIZED Monuments of Misanthropy CD 2018

KP016 KOMMANDANT Blood Eel Tape 2018

KP017 DRAWN AND QUARTERED Proliferation Of Disease CD 2018

KP018 DRAWN AND QUARTERED To Kill is Human CD 2018 

KP019 INFESTER To the Depths, In Degradation + Darkness Unveiled CD 2018 

KP020 FATHER BEFOULED Obscurus Nex Cultus CD 2018 

KP022 PLAGUE BEARER Winds of Pestilence CD 2018

KP023 EGGS OF GOMORRH Outpregnate CD 2019

KP024 THE BLACK SORCERY Wolven Degrade CD 2019

KP025 HERESIARCH Incursions CD 2019

KP026 AUTOKRATOR Hammer of the Heretics (JewelCase) CD 2019

KP028 EGGS OF GOMORRH/SARINVOMIT Enconium of Depraved Instincts CD 2019

KP029 ANTICHRIST SIEGE MACHINE Schism Perpetration CD 2019

KP027 PROFANE ORDER Slave Morality CD 2019

KP030 EGGS OF GOMORRH Rot Prophet CD 2020

KP031 FATHER BEFOULED Anointed In Darkness CD 2020


KP033 SHEMZU A Travers Les Lambeaux CD 2020

KP034 ECTOPLASMA Spitting Coffins CD 2020

KP035 FATHER BEFOULED Morbid Destitution of Covenant CD 2020

KP036 DRAWN AND QUARTERED Congregation Pestilence CD/LP 2021

KP037 AUTOKRATOR Persecution CD/LP 2021

KP038 DRAWN AND QUARTERED Extermination Revelry CD 2022

KP039 DRAWN AND QUARTERED Return of the Black Death CD 2022

KP040 AUTOKRATOR Autokrator CD 2022

KP041 AUTOKRATOR The Obedience to Authority CD 2022

KP042 INFESTER To the Depths, In Degradation + Darkness Unveiled Tape 2022

KP043 AUTOKRATOR Persecution Tape 2022

KP044 CORPSESSED Skeletal Grotesquery CD 2023